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Founded after a nasty accident that left owner Kimberley with injuries that would not allow her to train in the gym anymore, Define Beauty started its path to offer Cryolipolysis, so called fat freezing treatments, that are affordable and accessible to all.


Following years of research and planning to ensure we offer the right packages and products, we launched in the UK as a full package of not only ground-breaking treatments  including cryolipolysis, HiFu and IPL but advise, healthy eating plans and stunning spa and beauty products for both consumers and the trade. 

With a belief that a healthy lifestyle and care of what we eat is key, we also understand that conditions outside of peoples control can increase stubborn levels of fat, which in turn has a knock-on effect on people’s health and confidence. 

We want to offer our clients numerous locations where they can benefit from losing inches and feeling a healthier and happier them, through fat freezing, our  30 Day Challenge and beauty products, making us feel better both inside and out.

Not only do we offer treatments for our clients, we are also distributors of the numerous high end and, FDA Approved and quality assured machines,  so can set any salon, hotel, gym or spa up with our machines and allow them to start offering clients these non-invasive, pain and stress-free treatments that help clients Define Themselves.

We offer clients hints and tips on how to maintain their results as well as support during the programmes when needed. 

Our aim is to help make our clients, and theirs, feel a healthier, stronger and happier version of themselves. 

Define Yourself and your business with Define Beauty today.

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